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If you’re tired of “mindset hacking” with no results…

If you’re fed up with unproductive, brain fog-filled days…

If you’ve dabbled and failed at personal development before…. Read on...

Mindset is key, yet falls short without an action plan. Productivity is vital but only becomes valuable through urgency and self-confidence. These are pieces of a larger puzzle that lead to rapid success.

This is why The Daily Competitor was forged. So you can finally access all these essential leadership resources and tools in one place to radically change the way you work, live, and play. 

Here’s exactly what you can leverage as a Daily Competitor premium member. Your legacy starts here.

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Delivered 1-2 times per month, these coaching videos are designed to dive deeper into "the work" you can do each week to build a stronger Competitor Mindset.

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You'll be able to sit in on a live one-hour Zoom coaching call every quarter. Jake will work with 1-3 participants each call on a specific challenge they have & how to develop a success plan to overcome it.

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Get to know other people who are driven to be great in their work, workouts, & life. You'll have access to a private community exclusively for Premium Members & Slack channel for ongoing conversations with other members and Jake.

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Premium members will have their own 15% exclusive discount code to use for any gear, journals, or books in the Compete Every Day store.

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Each month you'll receive a recommended book & reading plan. Books will focus on leadership development, psychology, & self-help so that you can take your learning to a new level.

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